1. June 2019

Stepping out of the shadows - and into the sun

BEST OF Palma is doing exactly what Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic region is getting well away with at the moment: Stepping out of the shadows - and into the sun! June is the 1st official month of Summer. So: Welcome Summertime! Welcome flip flops and fancy sunglasses! Welcome sangría on the beach and chilled rosé on the patio! Welcome long nights and endless sunny days! Simply. Welcome. Back. 

Palmallorca is more intoxicating and exhilarating than even our own imagination 

One of the many things the entire team behind BEST OF Palma loves about our job is getting to meet and talk to different people. Finding common ground and seeing the world in another light. In general, understanding the perspectives of others helps us to discover sides of our own lives and the places in which we live that we might not have found on our own. In short: BEST OF Palma is all about learning more about the world and the people in it ...  and it makes for some great stories, too. 

Going behind the scenes of Palmallorca 

... also means daring to make the bold statement that this fantastic island in the Mediterranean has always suffered from multiple personalities: Maybe you've only witnessed the flamboyant side with the high-flying beach parties along the turquoise coastline. But there's a calmer side to this Spanish isle. A more soulful and authentic side. Often hidden in the city centre of the capital of Palma, but also tucked away in places around the island where you find the quieter counterparts to the noisy beach resorts of the coast. 

So this Summer - although we hear from many places that the season has started off at a relatively slow pace - we find it safe to say that Palmallorca is stepping of the shadows and truly ascending as THE place-to-be. At the same time, we like to draw a parallel to BEST OF Palma, having used the majority of our time since the start-up in late October / early November 2018 to take a deep breath - and really look to find our way around the many hidden gems, quirky details and funny sidekicks to the island's wellknown venues. Lots of people don't take the time to look ... At BEST OF Palma, we not only look. We stare. We go behind the scenes of Palmallorca. We dig deeper. 

What's made all the difference?

... some say it's the collection of brandnew and exciting five-star luxury hotels that we have to thank for the transformation of Palmallorca this season. And if you take a look at BEST OF Palma's hotel selection in the capital, you'll find little else than a series of true gems of calculated renovations, all of which reclaim Mallorca's history and culture in the finest of ways. However, you also find long-time favourites, giving you the perfect recipe and ideal solution for a holiday beyond your family's wildest dreams. So if you haven't booked your vacation yet, hurry up and make sure to check out LINDNER GOLF RESORT and its Summer special for families!

Also the many fine dining venues have made Mallorca the preferred go-to Summer get-away of the Mediterranean. Palma steals the dining spotlight with its multiple island classics that've been given a new lease on life through its generation of local chefs that all serve to give the island and capital its culinary due. Various venues deserve the quality stamp of being called classics. Take LUME & CO in the outskirts of Palma: Placed in Genova, its elegant and fresh Mediterranean cuisine - much of which is sourced from the island itself or from the mainland of Spain - excites even the most hard-to-please diners. Although less than 2 years old, this restaurant's light touch and respect for seasonality, has claimed it a reputation as a true classic. Another relative newcomer to the restaurant scene in Palma is VANDAL in Santa Catalina. It competes to obtain one of the highest of high-standard culinary stamps, being a truly epic experience and offering you a world all of its own. Going west of the capital, you'll find a venue that's more fun than formal: MALBEC WINE & GRILL. Located in Portals, this Argentinean steakhouse is defined by big flavours and casual dining, a friendly, relaxed service and top-quality food, which - all put together - makes for an experience that's not to be missed. 

Going above and beyond the traditional hospitality industry

However, not just the hotel and restaurant scene is what's revitalized Palma and Mallorca. Also the many interesting businesses that've arised over recent years in both the capital centre and the village communities all throughout Mallorca have generously added to the island glam and mystery. On BEST OF Palma, we take great pride in the diversity found in our company index, including nationalities that span from Scandinavia in the high north, past Germany, Bulgaria and Great Britain in the centre of Europe to far-away continents like the United States of America, Australia and South Africa ... only to end up right here at home: In our Balearic island hide-away Mallorca and the peninsula of mainland Spain. 

Also the businesses found in BEST OF Palma's company index are stepping out of the shadows - and into the sun; although we're not in any way saying that they haven't enjoyed the sunny side of life before. Our mission continues to be to help them get the recognition and awareness they all so fully deserve and, at BEST OF Palma, it's our honour and privilege to help boost each of their individual businesses and services. So if you haven't taken a closer look before, pls. dive into the list below before diving into the Mediterranean 'big blue', and get the inside scoop on various exciting companies located on our beautiful island of Mallorca - and find out where they have their roots. 

From Scandinavia, BEST OF Palma features profiles from: 

.  BANKS ABSTRACTIONS - by Danish artist
Living and breathing art, original paintings and fantastic colours 

.  STUDIO BUTTERS - by Swedish interior designer
Remarkable interior design solutions and professional advice 

.  MALLORCA SAILING - by Danish captain and sailing enthusiast
Wonderful sailing trips by rental boats with or without captain along the breath-taking coastline of the Balearics

.  NAILS & MORE - by Swedish expert
Fabulous manicures and pedicures with or without shellak

.  CARMEN EKVALL - Danish jeweller in Palma
Unique, high-quality handmade jewelry out of this world

.  CLINICA MAR DENTAL - led by Danish primary practitioner
The BEST OF dental care and treatments 

.  DANISH LIGHTING - with Danish-based headquarter and showroom in Campos
Lighting solutions to create and improve quality of life

.  KINETIC BODY CARE - by Danish health practitioner
Sports and overall health massages and treatments

.  NORDIC ROASTERY - by former Swedish professional cyclist 
Unmissable mix of local coffee roastery and cycling 

.  SIGNALKOMMUNIKATION - Danish communications agency
Assistance with any strategic, tactical or operational communications and marketing job you might have

.  MERIDIANO - Danish-owned
Indoor and outdoor furniture from a wide range of international brands and local furniture lines

.  OYSTER GALLERY - Danish-owned
Palma's only gallery of contemporary quality jewellery

.  GALLERY CORNER - Swedish-owned
Contemporary art inspired by the Balearics 

European profiles found in our company index: 

.  HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES - your British medical magician
Ambitious and far-reaching cosmetic treatments

Warm-hearted, helpful and professional team of vets that care deeply for their patients - as well as their owners

.  SANTA PONSA DENTAL PRACTICE - run by British head practitioner
Top professional dental team that quite simply loves your smile

.  ROTORFLUG - Australian pilot and team leader, employed by German corporation
Making your dreams of flying come true and taking you to the skies 

.  LIVING BALEAR - originally German
Strong partner in real estate and property management in the Balearic region

Profiles originating from other continents: 

.  POSTRES BEINETTI - originally American 
Classical, mouth-watering and all-time favourite American desserts 

.  EL TORO FOODS - the real taste of South Africa right here in Mallorca
Products from locally sourced raw material, using traditional spices and methods to produce authentic flavours

And last, but certainly not least - Spanish / Mallorquin-based profiles: 

.  VICENTE DEL BOSQUE FOOTBALL ACADEMY - run by renowned Spanish coaches
Fantastic football camp for players between 6 and 15 years of age

.  WOMENS' FOOTBALL CAMP - endorsed by two of the leading female players in Spain
PREMIERE: Football camp for girls between the age of 10 and 17, established in close cooperation with VDB FOOTBALL ACADEMY

.  PALMA AQUARIUM - no introduction needed
All good vibes and brilliant times at a premium attraction for families 

.  BETH FLORAL ART & EVENTS - run by Spanish florist, decorator and event planner
Introducing a shop that turns flowers into art 

... not to mention, the additional profile customers who just signed on, but have yet to have their profiles uploaded, as well as the many hotels and restaurants featured under their respective categories. Stay tuned for many more interesting gems located in Mallorca - all of which you can take a closer look at, thereby helping them to

step out of the shadows - and into the light

The entire team at BEST OF Palma wishes you a truly blessed and wonderful Summer! - filled with shade, but no shadows, and lots of blissful sunlight!

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