12. July 2019


Company profile of week 28 designs and builds high quality modular homes in Mallorca with the latest in steel framing innovation. 

Prefabricated and modular technology has made a huge difference in the way residential properties are constructed. The prefabrication process ensures top quality and precision. Additionally, major savings on on-site machinery, transportation and supply costs as well as on-site workforce means that a modular home can be purchased at a close to 30% lower price than equally-sized traditional, brick constructions. 


STEELHOUS.ES is a progressive and top professional construction company of top-notch steel frame houses, currently responsible for a number of high-profile developments throughout the Balearic region. Recently, a new project in Santa Ponsa 1st line was presented and is shown in the pictures above for reference. Much more residential areas around Mallorca are being extended with this highly professional and most cost- and time-efficient option to build, and as the latest company initiative of well-reputed STEELHOUS.ES, the market of micro homes is being addressed in response to world population growth. 

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on why modular homes are the new sustainable living alternative - apart from the obvious facts that modular homes are cost effective, create less waster and produce less pollution - and on the specifics regarding the architecture and design of micro homes, including space-saving floor plans, tiny prefabricated cabins, etc., 

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