3. December 2019

Rudolph on the fly, and Santa boosting jingle bells

Special limited edition Xmas coffee roasting at NORDIC ROASTERY

If you not only fancy some really, really freshly roasted coffee beans, but also fancy the mix of great coffee and Xmas, here a chance you definitely don't want to miss!

Rudolph's pre-flight coffee

Order this blend of Antigua, Rwanda and yirgcheffe beans. A perfectly strong filter coffee with flavours of vanila and a touch of sweetness. Follow the brewing tips to give both yourself and your Xmas guests a tasting experience to be remembered!

Santa Claus' jingle bell boost

Experience a blend of Sumatra and Uganda, Asia and Africa, Arabica and robusta. Here's an espresso that'll keep you awake; robusta gives you a strong sense of espresso, while the arabica bean is roasted a little shorter time to give you a lovely nutty sensation and flavour. Follow the brewing tips, hid the coffee bag and take the credit for this new classic around the Xmas table!

The price is EUR 14.- for 250 gr bags, and orders may be placed directly with NORDIC ROASTERY.

Enjoy! - and merry Xmas!

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