26. March 2020

Perseverance, strength and hope

Dearest readers and followers of BEST OF Palma,

The corona pandemic has now affected nearly all countries, causing major shutdowns in both Europe and the US. While we see some hopeful signals from China, where schools are reopening and production is beginning to ramp up again, doctors and medical staff in the rest of the world are fighting for the lives of their fellow countrymen and women. At the same time, companies - owners and employees - are concerned about the future of our economy. National governments present major budgets to mitigate the economic consequences, and to likewise present a very clear signal to us all: We will fight this. We will think ahead and prepare for life after corona! 

While there are still hard times ahead, we give our deepest and warmest thanks to those who keep the wheels turning in healthcare and society.  

Let's stand together! - although still physically apart and at a distance. Stay strong, healthy and optimistic! And - every evening from our balconys - let's keep applauding the caretakers within the Mallorquín and Spanish healthcare sector who continue to do their utmost to take care of everyone. 

All the BEST and warmest greetings to you all from the entire BEST OF Palma team

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