11. April 2019

Palmallorca in April - Happy Easter!

Spring is here, and with it: Mallorca at its finest!

As the weather shows off its good side,and the sun continues to brighten up our days, it's only fair to say that Spring season has truly hit Mallorca. 

Giving us many glimpses of the island at its very finest, and showing us that Summer is well underway, Spring also marks a very important religious time: EASTER - and, with it, traditions are brought to life through a wide range of joyous events and festivities around the island: 

SEMANA SANTA is a highly religious season celebrated throughout Spain. Processions and events take place all Easter weekend, including marches on Holy Thursday, re-enactments on Good Friday, and the many festive parades on Sunday. 

SPRING FESTIVALS, where parades, live music, markets and shows form the indisputable highlights in towns and village communities all over the island, celebrating the arrival of Spring. 

Prepare for fabulous family entertainment! - and please don't hesitate to check out the BEST OF Palma event calendar for continous updates on what goes on in a city near you!

Happy Easter! - Felices Pascuas!

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