25. June 2019


Company profile of week 26 gives you an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping experience!

... and although you may think that the weather during high season and Summer is way too good to do anything but hang out on one of Mallorca's beautiful beaches, we dare say that PALMA AQUARIUM is absolutely fantastic - irrespectively of the weather. 

Therefore: Prepare yourself for nothing short of good vibes and brilliant times, when visiting PALMA AQUARIUM and embarking on a journey through the world's seas and oceans, including 55 tanks that are home to 700+ different species from the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

At BEST OF Palma, we're always in awe when visiting what we consider to be an absolutely magical place. And we guarantee that when you've visited once, you'll wish to stay forever - or, at the very least, come back again and again and ... 

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