19. March 2020


Whether you wish to bring life back into your hair. You want botox brow treatment. Or even botox eyelash treatment. Yes! - you heard right!

All is possible at MoDo HAIR & NAILS in Portals - this week's company profile, week 12. 

Take a look at the pictures above: 

1)  Another very blond client wanted to boost her hair with new life - with stunning results

2)  Botox brow treatment - suitable for both thin or big, fluffy and not so manageable brow - gives direction to each hair and lasts 6-8 weeks. Hydrates the hair deeply, and the special tint applied enhances the complete look - again with stunning results

3)  Botox eyelash treatment - hydrates and lift the lashes from the root without curling it, which gives this open and bright-eyed look, thickens and colours the lashes. Suitable for all type of lashes. Reduces eyelash shedding and lasts for 6-8 weeks - and once again with stunning results. 

All treatments are available at MoDo HAIR & NAILS in Portals. 
For more info and booking of appointment, please call +34 971 096 811.

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