19. November 2019

Magical Xmas days in Palma

The darkness of Winter will have little room to leave its mark, once Xmas hits Mallorca

Again this year, beautiful Palma as well as other large island cities and small village communities will light up in a fantastic fiesta of light, guaranteed to razzmatazz you. 

On November 28, the Xmas lights in Palma will be switched on. The main street Passeig del Born will be one of the first places, and then the party continues from there, because you can rest assured that the largest city on the Balearics will have several plans for a great event all throughout the capital. 

Palma's streets tend to be filled with performances and live music, and especially the children will be in for a treat and can look forward to a festive evening with acrobats and circus artists dancing through the city alongside drummers and other musicians. 

In addition to the activities occuring in the main street, you'll find loads of events for young and old in Plaza Joan Carlos I, Plaza Mayor and Plaza Cort ... or in reality, it'll be much easier to say where there'll be no Xmas party and lights up: No where! The entire city will be Xmassy and filled with wonder. It'll be beautiful and full of life, smiles and activity. It'll be a Xmas celebratory atmosphere at its very finest. It'll be Palma. 

From the entire team at BEST OF Palma, we wish you a joyous fiesta of light - and a wonderful Xmas month

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