12. December 2019

Let there be light! - and at a 10% discount

DANISH LIGHTING has more than 40 years experience within the fields of design, architecture and craftsmanship 

If you want to see the world - or maybe just your home and / or office - in a new and brighter light, you should do more than just flip on a switch; you should turn on the good light with the products from DANISH LIGHTING, specialized in catering to the most specific lighting needs existing in every type of environment. 

BEST OF*FER on all lamps: 10% discount until December 31, 2019

Upon purchase of every lamp available within the range of DANISH LIGHTING, you'll get a 10% discount that's valid until December 31, 2019. 

Read more about DANISH LIGHTING right here - or just call them directly at +45 3315.1514 or send an email to info@danishlighting.dk. Although the website of this particular profile customer is currently in Danish only, languages spoken on the phone and understood by email are Danish, English, German and Spanish. And everyone's most helpful when it comes to finding you some of the very BEST lighting solutions available on the market. 

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