21. May 2019


Company profile of week 21 releases tension and helps you get rid of injuries, myalgia and various types of body imbalances. 

KINETIC BODY CARE run by Jan Rasmussen is your go-to-place when you find yourself in need of everything from pain relief, treatment of injuries and in-depth massage. For any and all types of body imbalances, Jan Rasmussen is ready to assist with treatment in the privacy of your own home or at his clinic in Sa Cabaneta, Marratxi. 

At BEST OF Palma, we know the services of KINETIC BODY CARE first hand and warmly recommend them. So regardless of whether you're opting for the overall health or sports massage, or you're suffering from tension headaches and / or migraines, you can benefit greatly from the expertise of Jan Rasmussen and his professional treatments. 

So do something special for yourself: Call or email KINETIC BODY CARE today to make an appointment: 

+34 669 659 448

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