9. December 2019

From all of us to all of YOU

With our last newsflash of 2019, we've included both a couple of short flashbacks as well as a couple of flash-forwards. However, most of all, we've included a massive THANK YOU from the entire team behind BEST OF Palma for an amazing year. 

It's been a year that's brought us more fantastic times and brilliant relations than we could ever have imagined and hoped for. And it makes us look forward to 2020 with anticipation, admiration and adoration. For things to come. For new attractions and get-aways to be discovered. For the breath-taking island of Mallorca and its captivating capital of Palma. For its residents and tourists. For its events and happenings. For its ability to always be the life and centre of the party.

In short: Both Mallorca and Palma continue to fill us with the biggest and BEST OF WAUW feelings imaginable. And it's truly a blessing and a privilege to work with all of you - readers, profile customers, followers and partners alike - on spreading the word and the many happy messages from our island.

Therefore THANK YOU. And Merry Xmas. Feliz Navidad. 

... but although Xmas is drawing ever nearer, please remember that our virtual Xmas calendar on Facebook and Instagram continues right up until December 24. Enjoy!

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