2. October 2019


Company profile of week 40 

is an old acquaintance to our followers; however, we simply cannot help but re-focus our attention on this great venue with just as great products and treats: 

EL TORO FOODS in Palmanova has close to everything your heart desires when it comes to bringing out the real flavour, taste and feel of South Africa by bringing this spectacular cultural cuisine to Mallorca: 

Fresh pies straight from the oven
bobotie with chutney, chicken & mushroom, creamy chicken, steak stew + cheese & onion and many, many more ... 

Other delicious delis freshly sliced and seasoned
such as biltong, droewors, boerewors, chili bites and much, much more ... 

Read the full company profile of EL TORO FOODS right here! - and don't procrastinate, but hurry up and get your own personal bite of (South African) heaven in Palmanova!

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