17. April 2019


Company profile of week 16:

A very special company profile of 2019 is EL TORO FOODS, because it represents the gastronomy and specialities of a far-away continent with fresh, lean, clean and healthy ingredients as its cornerstones. On top, the secret ingredient of both the owners and this magnificent mix of shop and café is passion: A passion for South Africa, its culture and all the trimmings that come with it!

Give yourself a special treat that you're guaranteed to fall in love with: Biltong, droëwors, chili bites (highly addictive!), boerewors, braai essentials and pies + many, many other lekker krekker specialities, bringing nothing short of the real taste of South Africa right here to Mallorca. 

Go by EL TORO FOODS for the treat of a lifetime! Or said in the words of the team itself: Fuel your game with El Toro specials!

Miquel dels Sants Oliver, 9
07181 Palmanova

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