11. April 2019

Easter treat from DR HUW JONES

Struggling to find the BEST skincare routine?

... at BEST OF Palma, we're all set to guide you to what we fully believe will be your new favourite skin products!

The fantastic team at HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES is ready to help you find the most suitable plan for your skin - whether oily, dry, ageing or challenging in any way - or whether you just need advise for general maintenance. 

All the products found at HSJ CLINIC - DR HUW JONES are parabens free, vegan and not tested on animals. 

In short: A true Easter treat! - that you can get much more information about by calling: 
+34 971 133 849

to make an appointment directly with: 

Calle de la Ginesta, 1
07181 Bendinat

Happy Easter!

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