2. April 2020


Company profile of week 14 is an oldie, but goodie

in the sense that we've brought it before - simply because it offers the very BEST OF dental care, ranging from regular check-ups to highly advanced cosmetic treatments. 

CLINICA MAR DENTAL situated close to Palma airport, is a Danish-owned dental clinic that manages to make every single patient feel special. The entire team of dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and dental technicians are highly skilled and do their utmost to turn a visit with them into a pleasant experience, oozing of high quality in all treatments offered. 

Therefore: If you're looking for a dentist that goes above and beyond. A team that exemplifies skills and professionalism in all aspects. And a clinic with top modern equpiment. Your choice will inevitably by CLINICA MAR DENTAL!

Take a closer look at the full clinic profile right here. In that way, you'll have all details and contact data in place when wanting to book your next appointment. 

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