17. September 2019

BEST OF Palma's newsflash #8 in 2019

Once again, BEST OF Palma's newsflash brings you a wealth of stories, news and events as well as some amazing BEST OF*FERs + much, much more that you may also find elsewhere on this site as separate stories. 

More newsflashes will follow with its usual intervals every 4-6 weeks, and just like this current #8 issue, they'll continue to introduce new companies to the business register, events in the calendar, and overall news on social media, so as to help you stay updated on and in sync with everything that goes on in the sensational city of Palma and the stunning island of Mallorca. 

Thus, with this newsflash #8 in 2019, we send you our very warmest wishes for the rest of the week + hope that you'll ontinue to follow us and like our posts on social media.

Happy reading!

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