20. August 2019


"My home is Mallorca. My classroom is the world"

These two sentences sum up the global education giving to the students attending this week's company profile, week  34: AGORA PORTALS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in Portals Nous. 

Just as it has been the case with AGORA PORTALS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BEST OF Palma's weekly profiles have been on a Summer break. However, just as AGORA PORTALS soon opens its doors again to start a new academic year - from infant education to baccalaureate - and all the students will see their classmates and teachers again, feeling those first-day-back nerves, BEST OF Palma is also back from Summer holiday. So: Let's get started!

The company profile of week 34 forms part of the prestigious educational group, NACE Schools. Recognized internationally for academic quality, AGORA PORTALS offers attention adapted to the needs of its students and, furthermore, it was the first school in the Balearics authorized to teach the international baccalaureate.

Three core ideas form the fundamental pillars

The educational project of AGORA PORTALS is built around three core ideas: Educational excellence, co-curricular depth and global readiness, including language immersion. Thanks to these pillars and to the school values (respect and tolerance, responsibility, critical and creative thinking, self-improvement and social commitment), AGORA PORTALS is known for its unique character as well as for its truly international environment, offering all attending students a global education which helps them to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually.

AGORA PORTALS globeducates!

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