9. December 2019

Abaco returns!

Abaco resurfaces!

One of Palma's most famous and renowned bars - Abaco - will not close at the end of 2019, as it was otherwise planned and intended. The fantastic bar with the very special decor of old rococo furniture and antique art works in the shape of several large oil paintings with classic motifs is now said to remain in Calle Sant Juan, 1 in La Lonja where it has been located in an old city palace since 1981. 

Abaco's new owner intended to transform the old palace into a boutique hotel, but instead it has now been decided to let Abaco rent the premises so that it can conctinue as a bar for the next 20 years. 

Abaco will reopen in late January 2020

where it is again expected that classical music will flow from the loud speakers, while huge quantities of fresh fruit and flowers will form the backdrop for ever more beautiful and funfilled experiences in the old palace courtyard or across the two floors. 

At BEST OF Palma, we more than welcome this recent development! And we very much look forward to getting the opportunity soon again to enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee in Abaco's fantastic halls. 

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