20. November 2019

20th anniversary = 20% discount

POSTRES BEINETTI celebrates its 20th anniversary with 20% discount with a BEST OF*FER that's valid from November 26 - 29

At BEST OF Palma, we never shied away from calling POSTRES BEINETTI the BEST OF the BEST within their field. And now, the American cake and dessert expert has 20 years of experience and presence in Palma to prove it!

Please help Daniel Beinetti and his wonderful staff to truly celebrate this remarkable achievement by taking them up on their offer: Bring the flyer shown as one of the pictures above, to go the bakery in La Vileta and claim your 20% discount on all cakes and desserts from November 26 - 29!

... From there: Life's sweet! - and all you have to do is enjoy the BEST OF American desserts and pastries!

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